C20 STUDIES TERMS AND CONDITIONS updated 23rd July, 2018

By engaging the services of Richard Gibbons working as C20 Studies, clients confirm that they have agreed to the following Terms & Conditions. 




1) Clients have the right to change their mind and withdraw from a planned project without charge within 14 days of agreeing the project. This should be done by e-mail to c20studies@gmail.com or by letter (address available via 01354 680423).


2) C20 Studies will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all material produced by them is free of computer viruses, trojan horses, malware or any other harmful electronic components, but cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage or harm caused by clients’ use of such materials.


3) The price and method.schedule of payment for projects must be agreed in advance. C20 Studies will provide a written quotation. For projects quoted at and above prices of £500.00, an initial payment of £150.00 will be required before commencement of the project.

4) Payment will be by cheque payable to “C20 Studies”, via PayPal, by bank transfer or in cash.

5) Payment and terms will. be agreed before commencement of work. Final payment will be due within 14 days of the client's receipt of the finished project.

6) It is C20 Studies’ policy to take all appropriate action to recover payment for work undertaken. Accounts that remain unpaid beyond the 14-day period following client's receipt of the work may be subject to a surcharge of up to £5.00 per full week until the account is paid in full.






7) This area of the website is currently under development. Images will be available for personal or commercial use without payment subject to the licence that will appear below. 


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