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Schools and colleges generally have good relationships with parents/carers and the communities to which they belong; however, on occasions these relationships break down, resulting in conflicts that can sometimes escalate, causing distress and anxiety to young people, parents, staff, governors and headteachers. These disputes may be resolved informally, or they may become the subjects of formal complaints that need to be handled according to the school's own complaints procedure. Sometimes, the complaints process can become confused as a result of a poor understanding of the procedure, or by inappropriate or precipitate action. Such situations offer great potential for distress and further complication, and may ultimately result in complainants resorting to litigation.

The sheer complexity of some complaints can be confusing, and such complexity can lead to complaints processes becoming unclear.

Schools sometimes need a steady hand to steer them through a complaint. Often, too, informal mediation outside of the formal complaints process can restore confidence and resolve issues. In such circumstances, an experienced professional who is clearly uninvolved in the issues themselves can win the confidence and trust of both complainant and school, thus facilitating the resolution of outstanding issues. Richard Gibbons will offer a variety of approaches that have met with much success in the past and have helped restore many damaged relationships.


Sometimes a disaster or tragedy can hit a school community without warning. At times like that, steady guidance and support from someone with extensive experience can prove invaluable. Richard has supported schools and governing bodies in emergencies such as:

* sudden death

* suicide

* murder

* child abduction or disappearance

* fire

* flood

* accidents in school, at home and abroad

* serious child protection incidents

* nervous breakdown

* aggression

* sudden serious property issues

He offers a 24-hour service to schools or governing bodies suffering traumatic events, including personal support / liaison with emergency services, press and other outside agencies / liaison with parents, carers and staff / initial and long-term response planning.

He is also happy to provide support with school site security management and emergency planning.


On occasions, a council, school, governing body or management committee will feel it best for a complex investigation to be carried out by an impartial outsider. Richard Gibbons has wide experience of carrying out such investigations and will thoroughly examine detailed and complex matters on behalf of schools, producing a balanced and unbiased final report with recommendations for the school or other organisation to consider.


Modern headship can be a lonely, testing and stressful business, especially if the head or school is facing challenging issues. Complaints, management problems, aggression and relationship difficulties can all take a heavy toll. Sometimes an issue that could normally be dealt with effectively will suddenly seem insurmountable. Heads in such situations can feel isolated, highly-stressed and without support. They may turn to their professional associations or governing bodies, but sometimes they do not feel this approach is appropriate. In such cases, an experienced professional who has advised, supported and counselled innumerable primary and secondary heads may be just the person to help clarify issues, advise on processes and provide support. Richard will help enable clear-thinking and help unpick complex and emotionally-loaded issues. He will offer to be present in challenging meetings and to represent the headteacher/chair of governors in these if required.


Chairs of governors and governing body committees sometimes encounter difficult issues and situations for which they feel ill-prepared. Richard can attend meetings by invitation and provide advice/support over issues such as complaints, personnel matters, exclusions, governing body planning, communication, and professional relationships.


Richard is a vastly-experienced trainer, having delivered innumerable sessions to headteachers, school staff, governors, parents/carers and local authority audiences. He offers a number of training packages, ranging from single-session to whole-day events. These can be custom-designed to suit the exact needs of your school. See the current list of training packages below.

Note: Richard is not qualified to offer legal advice or support. Parents, schools or governors seeking such advice should consult appropriate legal professionals.


Richard offers international private tuition in ENGLISH, ENGLISH LITERATURE, TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY and STUDY/EXAMINATION SKILLS to students at A/AS, university entrance and comparable levels. He also offers non-examination courses and support for undergraduates. This tuition is usually conducted online.

C20 Studies has a clear and positive policy to ensure the safeguarding of children and other vulnerable students. These are part of C20 Studies' Terms & Conditions, which all clients sign before services begin. This document also includes information about C20 Studies' professional fees.

For more details, without obligation, call 01406 259567, 07526 700394 or e-mail

Visit Richard's TUTOR PAGES site: http://www.thetutorpages/tutor/english-tutor-march-cambs


Richard offers support for parents/carers in working with their children's schools in trying to bring about the resolution of difficult or challenging issues. These may include cases of alleged bullying, Additional Needs issues and school complaints. A trained and highly-experienced mediator, he offers various models of complaint resolution in situations where both school and parents/carers are happy for him to be involved. Richard believes that the needs of children are paramount, and always works with this principle in mind.

Note: Richard is not qualified to offer legal advice or support. Parents, schools or governors seeking such advice should consult appropriate legal professionals.

Richard offers a FREE INITIAL 20-MINUTE CONSULTATION completely without obligation. Contact him on 01406 259567 or by e-mail:

C20 Studies has a clear and positive policy to ensure the safeguarding of children and other vulnerable students. These are part of C20 Studies' Terms & Conditions, which all clients sign before services begin. This document also includes information about C20 Studies' professional fees.


C20 Studies offers a number of options:

Standard Packages

The following training sessions are available, often at short notice:

1) Handling School Complaints for Headteachers, Principals and other School/College Leaders (course CP101) -- one day

An interactive day dealing in detail with:

* the school complaint process--update

* defusing complaints

* avoiding common mistakes in dealing with complaints

* origins of complaints

* persistent/aggressive complaints and harassment

* handling challenging meetings

* preparing yourself and avoiding stress

The day gives senior colleagues time to reflect on and to share good practice, to raise specific concerns about complaint handling and to take a fresh perspective away from the immediate stresses of school/college life.

2) Handling School Complaints for Governors (course CP102) -- two hours

An interactive session focusing on complaint handling from the governor's perspective. Includes:

* the school complaint process--update

* common pitfalls

* investigating a complaint

* complaints hearings

* handling challenging situations

The session enables governors to become familiar with an area of governance that requires special qualities of patience, attention to detail and confidence. 


3) Handling Challenging or Aggressive People for School Staff (course HP 201) -- two hours

An interactive session encouraging staff to reflect on their own experiences and develop skills to defuse aggression and to stay safe. Includes:

* common problems

* aggressive visitors to school

* persistent/harassing behaviour

* defusing challenging situations

* knowing when to stop

The session enables staff to share and develop good practice by looking at real situations.


Custom Packages

4) Complaints, Aggression and Handling Stress for School Staff (course HP202) -- whole or half day OR a programme of several 2-hour sessions

This interactive programme makes an ideal staff training programme. It can be tailored to suit your school's exact needs, and will encompass some or all of the aspects of courses 1-3 above.


5) Self-Development and Self-Presentation for Headteachers and Principals (course SP 301) -- half day.

This 1-1 course is for individual heads only, and will be designed to accommodate individual needs. It will focus intensively on:

* expectations placed upon the head

* presenting the image

* speaking in public

* effective communication

* handling stress

The course encourages headteachers to examine where they are in their professional development, to determine the major challenges facing them and to improve their confidence and self-presentation. It is hoped that headteachers will leave with a draft plan for self-development. 

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